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We have the technology and expertise to safely dry clean your garments. We are experts in different fabrics, fibers and dyes. We are also aware that not all of these will do well with the same cleaning process. We consider fabric safety first while cleaning your clothing.

Laundry Service
Dry Cleaners Valet Port St Lucie, Fort Pierce, Florida. Dry Cleaners, Dry Cleaners
Valet Dry Cleaners Port St Lucie, Fort Pierce, FL. Dry Cleaners, Dry Cleaners pick up and delivery
Alterations, Tailor, Dry Cleaners, Port St Lucie, Fort Pierce, Florida, Dry Cleaners pick up and delivery, Dry Cleaners Valet
  • Pant, Jean, Skirt and Dress Hems

  • Shortening and Lengthening Sleeves

  • Taking In/Letting Out Waists

  • Outerwear Alterations and Repairs

  • Zipper & Button Replacements

  • Tapering

  • Complete Alterations for Velvet & Silk

  • Leather Garments

  • Mending Rips and Applying Patches

  • Alterations and Repairs to Lined Garments

  • Wedding/Evening Gown Alterations

  • We replace collars and cuffs on dress shirts

  • Make patches and labels

Valet Dry Cleaners
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